4 Bad Examples Of Online Dating Descriptions - What Your Online Dating Profile Says About You

4 Bad Examples Of Online Dating Descriptions

Discover the worst online dating profile descriptions and learn what to avoid. Find out how to create a successful dating profile that attracts the right match.

4 Bad Examples Of Online Dating Descriptions - What Your Online Dating Profile Says About You

What Your Online Dating Profile Says About You

It's true that most people have a great deal of difficulty writing about themselves and putting themselves on display. Self-summaries are the toughest part of setting up an online dating profile. But their absolutely necessary. Great pictures with no online dating description will not go far to help you intrigue people. So we wanted to put together a few of the strategies that successful dating profiles employ, and what unsuccessful dating profiles mistake for a good strategy. So what goes into the best dating profile or a successful dating description? Not these..

Four Bad Examples of Dating Descriptions

(1) If You Want to Know About Me, Go Ahead and Ask

No. How about you write something to encourage me to give enough of a shit to work up the motivation to go ahead in ask. People who have this on their profile are soul sucking psychic vampires. They feed off the energy of others and put very little into relationships themselves. You will ask them questions. You will get replies. In the end, they will put forth very little effort and your own effort will not be fully reciprocated. It also indicates you're boring and dependant on others to provide you with stimulation. Don't leave your profile like this. Unless you're drop dead gorgeous, and female, this won't get you anywhere.

(2) I'm Not Into the Drama

What does this say about you? You're into the drama. It's dramatic just to point that out. You're generating drama while simultaneously claiming you're not into drama. Your supposed distaste for drama is highlighting the fact that you thrive on it. Furthermore, your last relationship was painful. You're still not over it. You're going to project the bad experience you had with the last relationship onto the next relationship. You're going to accuse your next partner of causing drama, which will itself cause drama, because you're not over the drama you probably caused yourself in the last relationship. You think I'm wrong? I'm not. Freud based much of his theory on statements like this: “No offense, but.. [something offensive].” It's called negation. Look it up. Don't say things like this.

(3) An Extended List of Things You're Not Looking For

This strongly indicates you're a shitty person. You judge people based on superficial qualities. You're not attracted to fat girls? Fine. Don't reply to their messages. You don't want a guy who doesn't own a car? Fine. Make sure he has a car. All you're advertising to the world when you say “no fatties” or “no basement dwellers” is that you're judgmental and you don't give a shit about people's feelings, and neither are very attractive in a relationship.

(4) Your Profile is the Size of an Exhaustive Concordance

You're a narcissist. Just kidding. Some people may be of the opinion that really long profiles indicate a kind of narcissism, but they don't, usually. Narcissistic profiles are likely to be terse and aggrandizing, while extremely long profiles indicate that you have poor decision making abilities and organizational skills. Who doesn't though? Not a deal breaker for me. Seriously though, cut it down. Be smart. You're trying to attract a specific person. Know what's important.

The Trick to a Good Profile Description

Describe your day. Describe where you're at in your life. Describe what you're looking for in a relationship. Describe what you hope to get out of the site. Describe what you like to do for fun. All of these things are positive ways to find the right match without seeming like a bitter, evil, narcissistic, jackal.