Dating Tips for Women: Genuine, Split the Bill, No Phone Staring

Top 4 Dating Tips Men Would Give Women

Get dating advice from men to women on how to have a successful date. Act genuine, offer to split the bill, and avoid staring at your phone. Find out if it's a real date or a casual hookup.

Dating Tips for Women: Genuine, Split the Bill, No Phone Staring

Dating Advice From a Man: Act Genuine

Have you been using the best online dating services to find a potential lover but keep coming up unsuccessful with every date you go on? If so, you might be in need for some dating advice from a man. Whenever I go on a date with a women in Geraldton, Australia, there are four major things I look for: good looks, intelligence, humor, and a good personality. For me, these are the qualities I need to find in a women in order to go out on a second date or engage in a relationship with them. If you want some dating advice from a man, mine would be to act genuine and have a great time without being too serious and reserved.

Dating Advice From Men to Women: Offer to Split the Bill

If the past few dates you've been on have either been terrible or simply boring, you might be in need for some dating advice from men to women. While I can't speak for all men, I can tell you that most men who are looking for a relationship want to meet a girl who is fun but down to Earth. While most men feel compelled to pay for the bill at a bar or restaurant, it is always refreshing to go out on a date with a woman who offers to foot the bill or split it. Now, I'm not saying that my dating advice from men to women is to always pay for the bill in its entirety, but that paying for half should be standard. When a woman offers to pay half of the bill or even sneaks off the pay its entirety, I am always super impressed and want to take them out on a second date to even out the score. However, when a woman acts like she's entitled to a free meal and numerous drinks, I see her as inconsiderate and don't wish to see her again.

How to Land a Second Date: Don't Stare at Your Phone all Night

If you're tired of going out of dates and not being asked out on a second date, you need to do the following. For starters, don't get too dressed up for a first date, as it can make your date feel underdressed. Secondly, don't stare at your phone all night. Thirdly, don't laugh at everything your date says just to please them. Fourthly, try and bring some conversation to the table. Lastly, just be yourself and have fun. If a women does all of this and isn't asked out on a second date, they shouldn't get discouraged, their date was probably just not that into them — but others will be.

Dating Advice: Have a Fun Date

When going out on a date, it's important to remember to have fun. Whether you're looking for a hookup or relationship, having a fun date is going to make all the difference. When two people go out and have a fun date, they are more likely to go out again because of how easy it was for them to get along.

Is it a Real Date or a Casual Hookup?

Online dating is a great place to meet singles in your area, however, it is always wise to discuss what you're looking for with your date before agreeing to go out with them. Going on a date with someone who is looking for a casual hook up, while you're looking for a relationship can certainly make things complicated.